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How to Do an Effective Reorg

Mike Tria
Head of Engineering @ Atlassian


What works today may not work tomorrow – and that includes your org structure. Whether your business is adapting to external trends or company-led initiatives, engineering groups are often the largest group impacted by a reorg, so it’s important to get it right. Reorgs are hard. Some are done too quickly. Some are done too slowly. Some should not be done at all.

In the past decade, Atlassian has reorganized around big bets including its cloud transformation and goal to become a $10 billion company. Mike Tria, Head of Engineering at Atlassian, has played a pivotal role in leading several successful (and unsuccessful) reorgs impacting thousands of engineers.

In this session, Mike will share his tips on understanding when a reorg might be needed, how to partner with cross-functional stakeholders, how to plan and communicate an effective reorg, and how to know if you did it right.


Mike Tria
Head of Engineering @ Atlassian

Mike Tria is the Head of Engineering for Platform at Atlassian. Mike oversees Atlassian's global cloud infrastructure, identity & front-end platforms, enterprise offerings, and our third-party developer ecosystem. Mike has 15+ years of experience as a software engineer and leader, ranging from work at cloud-native startups to larger companies. He's built and run all facets of product development, including product management, design, engineering, QA, and SCM/release, but has mostly focused on SaaS, e-commerce, and building communities. As a former comedian, Mike also brings high energy and a sense of humor to the tough challenges he faces.

He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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