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Make great decisions quickly, the unscary way

Alamelu Radhakrishnan
Chief of Staff, Engineering @ Shopify


As leaders, we make a thousand decisions every day. Clear, high-quality decisions are one of the best gifts we can give our teams. So how do we ensure we’re making good decisions? Success doesn’t depend on perfection, it’s about making a series of good decisions at the right time. So let’s talk about the anatomy of good decisions, the right timing for a decision, and how to make them stick. And most importantly, let’s look at how to delegate decision making effectively, provide autonomy, and make that unscary for your team, too. I will share examples from my experience as an engineering leader, and we'll talk about building a decision-making framework that’s right for you.


Alamelu Radhakrishnan
Chief of Staff, Engineering @ Shopify

Alamelu is the Chief of Staff to the CTO at Shopify, supporting the Engineering and Data organization. Alamelu leads the teams responsible for building the systems, technology, and technical programs that power Shopify. Her mandate is to make Engineering and Data at Shopify successful, and her role spans across team growth, investment allocation, engineering craft excellence, strategic planning and prioritization, and successful business operations within RnD.

Prior to Shopify, Alamelu has worked with some of Canada’s most innovative product and consulting agencies, leading software delivery teams and helping organizations leverage technology across a variety of industries.

Alamelu finds joy in solving business problems through technology, strives for organizational excellence, and is passionate about supporting and sponsoring underrepresented folks in the industry. Alamelu lives in Toronto, and loves food, travel, the outdoors, and horror movies.

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