Building an Operational Culture



Databricks runs massive scale cloud infrastructure, managing millions of VM's and thousands of production databases every day across more than 30 geo-replicated regions in multiple cloud providers. Running infrastructure at this scale with a small 200 person engineering team requires a constant focus on operational discipline. In this talk, I will review the key tenets of an operations mindset and discuss what processes and mechanisms were put in place to allow for reliable service engineering at scale. Topics include team/org structure, talent strategy, service architecture, and key engineering processes (postmortems, service health reviews, SLA definitions). This talk will be most relevant for teams or companies running SaaS services.


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Patrick Wendell
Co-founder and VP of Engineering @ Databricks

Patrick Wendell co-founded Databricks in 2013. Databricks builds software for large scale machine learning and data processing, and today has thousands of customers and more than 1000 employees. At Databricks, Patrick is a VP of Engineering, leading teams focused on machine learning and data science products. Before Databricks, Patrick studied distributed systems engineering as a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley. He holds a B.S.E in Computer Science from Princeton, class of 2011.

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