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Our industry offers so many opportunities to develop and build the career we want. There is no fixed path, no map, and so many ways to have a meaningful career. In this talk, we will unpack how to think about building a career drawing on what Quentin has seen in his 20+ years of operating and working with different companies, startups and founders. He will cover ways to think about the principles at play, what kinds of experiences lead to what opportunities, and how intentionality goes a long way to being ready for serendipitous.


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Quentin Clark
Managing Director @ General Catalyst; Former CTO @ Dropbox

Quentin is a product and systems technical leader with broad experience in the enterprise space. Incepted, built and delivered successful products over many years - from servers to SaaS platforms and applications. He will be joining General Catalyst in January as a managing director.

Prior to embarking on a career in investing, Quentin most recently was the CTO at Dropbox, where he lead all of engineering, product, design and growth. He worked with the them through its IPO, its pivot to Dropbox Spaces, and drove the portfolio expansion starting with the acquisition of HelloSign.

He was at Microsoft for 20 years, most of that time focused on innovation - creating new products and value. The last decade of his time at Microsoft, Quentin was responsible for the high growth data platform business, including SQL Server. There he worked for Satya Nadella leading the whole data platform business into the cloud. After Microsoft, Quentin was at SAP for two years, first as CTO then as Chief Business Officer where he lead strategy and product direction for the platform and ultimately for the whole company. Before joining Dropbox he spent a year angel investing and exploring the VC world.

He currently serves on the boards of Coda, Highfive and Minio, and has been investing and advising very early stage companies.

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