Staying ahead of the scale-up curve: triple the team but not your own workload



Being a leader in a fast-growing tech company means every day can feel like a struggle to stay ahead. As demands escalate, remaining effective requires adaptability. Success depends on your ability to reinvent yourself—constantly, consistently, and under pressure.

In this talk, Sebastian taps into his scale-up experience, and shares key learnings from his journey. Interlacing the psychology of behaviour change with practical advice, you’ll walk away inspired about the potential for change in your own role, and the insight into why that change is effective.


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Sebastian Von Conrad
VP of Engineering @ CultureAmp

Sebastian is the VP of Engineering at Culture Amp, one of Australia's fastest growing tech companies, where he's more than tripled the engineering team. Previously, he was a senior engineering leader and software architect at Envato, where he was an employee from 30 to 500 people. He is a former Software Engineering Manager and Software Engineer, and is an award-winning speaker at conferences in Australia and abroad, including YOW!, SATURN, Agile Australia, and RubyConf.

A native of Sweden, Sebastian now lives in Melbourne, Australia. It was about the last place he ever thought he'd visit, yet alone live. After 11 years and counting, however, he has no plans to leave--at least not until he actually sees a wild snake.

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