The Engineering Leadership Podcast · Episode 102

Optimizing the product trio

with Saumya Bhatnagar

Oct 05, 2022
We discuss product innovation with Saumya Bhatnagar (CPO & Co-Founder @, who shares her passion for the product trio and how it enriches problem-solving! We cover how to best optimize the product trio, implementing empathy into your communication practices, the importance of the value/priority score, frameworks for healthy & energetic discourse between the product trio, and improving the experience of telling users “no” while pursuing potential “yes” opportunities.
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Saumya Bhatnagar is the CPO and Co-founder of, an AI-driven Early warning system that helps companies predict churn and revenue growth opportunities using customer data.

Before starting, Saumya co-founded a startup right out of high school in New Delhi which focussed on using technology to reduce gender-based abortions in India. She did her undergrad in Computer Science and went on to earn her Masters's in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a focus on Natural Language Processing.

She is a Forbes 30 under 30 alum, winner of the Stevie Gold Entrepreneur of the Year award, recognized as the 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech by the National Diversity Council, and is on the list of Top 100 Women in Technology by AI Technology magazine.

Saumya is a strong advocate of more representation for women in tech and is the founder of a nonprofit in India for women empowerment.

When not working, Saumya enjoys binge-watching Netflix, photography, and traveling.

"A good relationship is not about how well you work with each other, but how well you fight with each other and how well can you disagree with each other. That's the entire goal of a product trio. They shouldn't agree. They should look at it from different lenses, but then how do you have that argument and come to a consensus is like the hardest part of managing it."

- Saumya Bhatnagar   

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  • Why it’s valuable to always consider the context of a problem first (2:07)
  • How Saumya became passionate about the product trio (5:47)
  • Optimize the product trio by exercising empathy & good communication (10:39)
  • Why designers & front-end eng should be connected from the start (14:36)
  • The five components of the value priority score framework (16:59)
  • Improving the experience of telling users “no” (20:16)
  • The role of recency bias in prioritization conversations & how to get to “yes” (24:16)
  • Determine a product’s success by measuring what will impact the outcome (26:36)
  • How the product trio gained alignment regarding the trust score feature (30:54)
  • Saumya’s tips for knowing when the product trio is working well (34:20)
  • Frameworks for healthy discourse within your product trio (36:17)
  • Incorporating a bottom-up decision-making process (39:28)
  • Rapid fire questions (42:43)


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