Claire Lew
CEO @ Know Your Team
Pooja Brown
VP of Engineering @ DocuSign
Edward Kim
Co-founder & CTO @ Gusto
Ritu Bhargava
SVP Engineering @ Salesforce
Cosmin Nicolaescu
VP of Engineering @ Brex
Rahul Iyer
Head of Production Platform @ Airbnb
Preeti Kaur
Sr. Director of Engineering @ Carta
Geddes Munson
Sr. Director of Partner Engineering @ Affirm
Maura Church
Head of Data Science @ Patreon
Carrie Northover
Director, Research Services @ 23andMe
Annie Cheng
Former VP of Engineering @ Nauto and Yahoo
Reid Hoffman
Co-Founder of LinkedIn, Partner @ Greylock Partners
Sarah Guo
General Partner @ Greylock Partners
Aditya Agarwal
Former CTO Dropbox; Partner-in-Residence @ South Park Commons
Dan Portillo
Former Talent Partner @ Greylock Partners
Fred Kofman
Advisor, Leadership Development @ Google
Keith Adams
Chief Architect @ Slack
Anantha Kancherla
Head of Software, Level 5, Autonomous Vehicles Division @ Lyft
Ron Lichty
Author of Managing the Unmanagable @
Surabhi Gupta
Director of Engineering, Homes @ Airbnb
Nick Caldwell
Chief Product Officer @ Looker
Christian McCarrick
VP of Engineering @ Auth0
Jerry Krikheli
VP of Engineering @ Houzz
Xavier Amatriain
Cofounder/CTO @ Curai
Scott Shumaker
VP, Client Engineering @ Credit Karma
Maria Latushkin
SVP Engineering @ Omada Health
Edward Kim
Co-founder and Head of Engineering @ Gusto
Joe Dunn
Executive coach @
Annie Cheng
Former VP of Engineering @ Nauto
Sam Wholley
Partner @ Riviera
Erica Lockheimer
Sr. Director, Software Engineering, Learning @ LinkedIn
Karthik Rau
Founder and CEO @ SignalFx
Tia Caldwell
Senior Engineering Manager @ Slack
Holly Rose Faith
Talent Partner @ NEA
Bret Reckard
Director, Human Capital @ Sequoia Capital
Evan Kaplan
CEO @ InfluxData
Heather Rivers
CTO @ Mode Analytics
Naveen Gavini
Head of Product Engineering @ Pinterest
Will Larson
Head of Foundation Engineering @ Stripe
Paw Andersen
Former Sr. Director of Engineering @ Uber
Jean-Denis Greze
Head of Engineering @ Plaid
Julia Grace
Sr. Director of Infrastructure Engineering @ Slack
Lily Chang
Vice President, Strategic Transformation @ VMware
Kevin Eyres
Exec Coach in Conscious Leadership @
Joanne Pons
VP of Engineering @ My Vest
Ingrid Abild-Pedersen
Certified Professional Coach @ Abild-Pedersen Coaching
Prakash Raman
Executive Coach @ Raman Consulting
Bill Sanders
Principal & Senior Consultant @ Roebling Strauss, Inc.
Max Levchin
Founder and CEO @ Affirm
Ben Jun
CEO @ HVF Labs
Jonathan Raymond
Author of Good Authority; Founder & CEO @ Refound
Sarah Clatterbuck
Director of Engineering, YouTube @ Google
Alyssa Henry
Head of Seller @ Square
Chanda Dharap
VP of Engineering @ NodeSource
James Everingham
Head of Engineering @ Facebook
Adam Wolff
VP of Engineering @ Robinhood
Andy Fang
Co-founder & CTO @ DoorDash
Li Fan
Head of Engineering @ Lime
Jean Hsu
Co-Founder @ Co Leadership
Tomas Barreto
VP of Product & Engineering @ Checkr