Featured Speakers

Marianna Tessel
Reid Hoffman
Greylock Partners
Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO
Tia Caldwell
Former Director of Engineering
Max Levchin
Founder and CEO
Surabhi Gupta
Head of Engineering

More Speakers

Cal Henderson
Co-founder & CTO @ Slack
Mira Murati
CTO @ OpenAI
Megan Kacholia
VP of Engineering @ Google
Naveen Gavini
SVP, Products @ Pinterest
Annie Cheng
VP of Engineering @ Waymo
Mike Tria
Head of Engineering @ Atlassian
Fatemeh Alavizadeh
Head of Core Product Engineering @ Notion
David Singleton
CTO @ Stripe
Dan Sturman
CTO @ Roblox
Sarah Clatterbuck
Sr. Director of Engineering, YouTube @ Google
Anique Drumright
VP of Product @ Loom
Bill Coughran
Founder's Coach and Partner @ Sequoia Capital; Former SVP Engineering @ Google
Aparna Pappu
VP Engineering, Google Workspace @ Google
Oksana Kubushyna
VP of Entertainment Operations @ RiotGames
Ashton Kutcher
Actor & Investor
Sri Viswanath
General Partner @ Coatue Management
Alyssa Henry
EVP & GM, Seller Business Unit; EVP Infrastructure & InfoSec @ Square
Claire Hough
CTO @ Carbon Health
Tom Adams
Head of Engineering @ Cash App
Aditya Agarwal
Partner-in-Residence @ South Park Commons; Former CTO @ Dropbox
Eisar Lipkovitz
Executive Vice President, Engineering @ Lyft
Lindsey Simon
VP of Engineering @ Vercel
Lisa Gelobter
CEO and Founder @ tEQuitable
Anna Patterson
Managing Partner @ Gradient Ventures; Former VP of Engineering @ Google
Wade Chambers
CTO & SVP of Engineering @ Grand Rounds
Wei Gao
Venture Partner @ Madrona Venture Group
Andrew Lau
CEO @ Jellyfish
Melissa Binde
VP of Engineering, Platform and Observability @ Splunk
Aileen Lee
Founder and Managing Partner @ Cowboy Ventures
Ashley Puls
VP of Engineering @ New Relic
Navin Chaddha
Managing Director @ Mayfield Fund
Jeremy King
SVP of Engineering @ Pinterest
Yanbing Li
VP of Engineering @ Google
Vijay Karunamurthy
Head of Engineering @ Scale AI
Prachi Gupta
VP of Engineering @ Discord
Allan Leinwand
SVP Engineering @ Slack
Deb Liu
CEO @ Ancestry
Ludo Antonov
VP of Engineering @ Whatnot
Alon Levi
VP of Engineering @ WorkOS
Sri Viswanath
General Partner @ Coatue Management
Parag Agrawal
CTO @ Twitter
Nikil Viswanathan
Co-Founder and CEO @ Alchemy
Dylan Etkin
CEO & Co-Founder @ Sleuth
Cathy Polinsky
CTO @ DataGrail
Andy Fang
Co-founder & CTO @ DoorDash
Preeti Kaur
VP of Engineering @ Carta
Alamelu Radhakrishnan
Chief of Staff, Engineering @ Shopify
Jessica McKellar
Founder and CTO @ Pilot
Dheeraj Pandey
CEO @ DevRev
Lei Yang
VP of Engineering @ LinkedIn
Mark Rabkin
VP of Oculus @ Facebook
Kalpana Jogi
Sr. Director Of Engineering @ Lyft
Pooja Brown
Head of Engineering @ Stitch Fix
Khawaja Shams
Co-Founder & CEO @ Momento
Xiao Guo
SVP of Engineering @ Bolt
Quentin Clark
Managing Director @ General Catalyst
Michael Grinich
CEO and Founder @ WorkOS
Mohak Shroff
SVP Engineering @ LinkedIn
Li Fan
Former CTO @ Lime; Former SVP Engineering @ Pinterest
Jeff Chang
Head of Growth Engineering @ Whatnot
Nick Caldwell
VP of Engineering @ Twitter
Anand Oswal
SVP and GM, Network Security @ Palo Alto Networks
Julia Grace
VP, Product Engineering @ Netflix
Arezoo Riahi
Head of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity @ Waymo
Kimber Lockhart
CTO @ One Medical Group
Jonathon Hensley
CEO and Chief Creative Officer @ EMERGE
James Everingham
VP Engineering @ Novi, Co-Creator of Diem @ Facebook
Nidhi Gupta
CEO & Co-Founder @ divhersity
Jeff Gabriel
SVP Engineering @ DataRobot
Will Larson
Chief Technology Officer @ Calm
Sapta Girisa
Senior Director of Technology @ Capgemini Engineering
Ya Xu
Head of Data Science @ LinkedIn
Adam D’Angelo
Founder & CEO @ Quora
Ali Irturk
Vice President of Engineering @ CommerceHub
Andrew Fong
Founder and CEO @ Prodvana
Ritu Bhargava
Chief Product Officer, CX/CRM @ SAP
Kim Martin
Director, Platform Data Science and Engineering @ Netflix
Brad Henrickson
Executive Coach @ Henrickson Leadership
Fred Kofman
Advisor, Leadership Development @ Google
Jordan Adler
Head of Developer Engineering @ OneSignal
Srinath Kuruvadi
Head of Cloud Security @ Netflix
Wendy Shepperd
GVP, Engineering @ New Relic
Aaron Erickson
Co-Founder and CEO @ Orgspace
Tim Tully
SVP & CTO @ Splunk
Bin Liu
Head of Creators Engineering @ Pinterest
Lily Chang
VP, Strategic Transformation Office @ VMware
Akhil Gupta
VP & GM of Enterprise @ Dropbox
Chris Chiu
Director of Engineering - Collaboration @ Figma
Harry McCracken
Global Technology Editor @ Fast Company
Martin Casado
General Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz
Jan Chong
VP of Engineering @ Tally
Maria Kazandjieva
Co-Founder @ Graft
Randall Koutnik
Software Engineer @ Jellyfish
John Lilly
Venture Partner @ Greylock Partners
Dana Lawson
VP of Engineering @ Github
Michael Montano
VP Engineering @ Twitter
Edward Kim
Co-founder & CTO @ Gusto
Richard Wong
SVP of Engineering @ Coursera
Annie Cheng
VP of Engineering @ Waymo
Jason Warner
CTO @ Github
Wade Foster
CEO & Co-founder @ Zapier
Fiona Tan
Global Head of Customer and Supplier Technology @ Wayfair
Jean-Denis Greze
Head of Engineering @ Plaid
Adrian McDermott
CTO @ Zendesk
Shadi Rostami
SVP of engineering @ Amplitude
Gokul Rajaram
Caviar Lead @ DoorDash
Blaga Lund
VP of Engineering @ Kustomer
Jyoti Bansal
Co-Founder @ Harness, Traceable, Unusual Ventures
David Silverman
Author @ Team of Teams; Former Navy SEALs officer
Ryan Petersen
Founder and CEO @ Flexport
Elad Gil
Entrepreneur and Investor
Pete Nichols
The Pinterest Platform @ Pinterest
Andrew Fong
CTO @ Vise
Usman Muzaffar
Head of Engineering @ Cloudflare
Jason Fennell
Former SVP of Engineering @ Yelp
Geddes Munson
VP of Engineering @ Affirm
Samantha Stoller
Senior Staff Software Engineer @ Slack
Joe Korngiebel
Former CTO @ Workday
Maria Latushkin
CTO @ Omada Health
Jason Sobel
CTO @ The New York Times
Scott Woody
CTO @ Metronome
Alex Allain
CTO and Co-Founder @ U.S. Digital Response
Jonathan Raymond
Author @ Good Authority
Tami Rosen
HR Disruptor/Advisor, formerly CPO @ Atlassian
Michelle Xue
VP of Engineering @ Goodreads
Prashant Pandey
Head of Engineering @ Asana
Rick Boone
Formerly Senior Engineer + Strategic Advisor to VP Infrastructure Engineering @ Uber
Cynthia Tee
VP Technology, Commerce @ Nordstrom
Wiktor Macura
Head of Engineering @ Citizen
Doug Gaff
VP of Engineering @ Zapier
Namrata Ganatra
Founder & CEO @ Sturish; CTO @ Lambda School
Aaron Erickson
VP of Engineering @ New Relic
Anthony Skinner
CTO & Head of Product @ iSpot.TV
Belinda Runkle
Engineering Director @ Google
Paw Andersen
CTO @ Metromile
Niall Smart
CTO & Co-Founder @ VTS
Madhu Dutta
Director of Engineering @ Convoy
Soren Harner
Founder, CTO @ LayerJot
Raylene Yung
CEO @ U.S. Digital Response
Steve Herrod
Managing Director @ General Catalyst
Craig Martell
Head of LyftML @ Lyft
Carrie Northover
Director, Research Services @ 23andMe
Scott Shumaker
CTO and Head of Engineering, Yammer @ Microsoft
Ming Hua
Engineering Director @ Facebook
Matt Greenberg
CTO @ Reforge
Ben Jun
CEO @ HVF Labs
Sonal Chokshi
Editor in Chief @ Andreessen Horowitz
Alexis Rask
Executive Coach, Partner @ Sweat Equity Ventures
Jared Erondu
Head of Design @ Lattice
Prakash Janakiraman
Co-Founder & Chief Architect @ Nextdoor
Wambui Kinya
VP, Partner Engineering @ Andela
Jonathan Perichon
Co-founder and CTO @ Checkr
Laura Thomson
VP Of Engineering, Platform @ Fastly
Leigh Newsome
Partner & CTO Coach @ Hoola Hoop
Joann Chuang Anderson
Head of Engineering @ Latacora
Daniel Portillo
Managing Partner & Founder @ Sweat Equity Ventures
Polina Giralt
Staff Engineer @ Squarespace
Anantha Kancherla
VP Engineering, Software @ Level 5, Autonomous Vehicle Program @ Lyft
Osman (Ozzie) Osman
Co-founder @ Monarch Money
Preeti Kaur
VP of Engineering @ Carta
Kristian Lindwall
Director of Engineering, Data & Insights @ Spotify
Andy Chen
Partner @ Coatue
Claire Lew
CEO @ Know Your Team
James Barrese
Former CTO @ PayPal
Brina Lee
Founder & CEO @ Hamul
Randy Shoup
VP Engineering and Chief Architect @ eBay
Melody Hildebrandt
EVP Engineering & CISO @ Fox
Sabry Tozin
VP of Engineering @ LinkedIn
Jerry Krikheli
VP of Engineering @ Houzz
Madhura Dudhgaonkar
Senior Director, Machine Learning @ Workday
Keith Adams
Chief Architect @ Slack
Evan Kaplan
CEO @ InfluxData
Judy Priest
Distinguished Engineer, VP/GM @ Microsoft
Karthik Rau
Founder and CEO @ SignalFx
Adrien Treuille
Co-Founder & CEO @ Streamlit
Bela Labovitch
VP of Engineering @ athenaHealth
Nik Koblov
Head of Risk and Finance Engineering @ Ramp
David Hornik
General Partner @ August Capital
Sanaz Tavakkol (Moderator)
Director of Engineering @ LimeSpot
Aston Motes
Interim Executive Director @ /dev/color
Soren Abildgaard
EVP Engineering @ Zendesk
Prachi Gupta
VP of Engineering @ Discord
Patrick Wendell
Co-founder and VP of Engineering @ Databricks
Mike Riccio
Director of Engineering @ Google
Holly Rose Faith
Executive Talent Partner @ Greylock Partners
Farhan Thawar
VP of Engineering @ Shopify
Antoine Boulanger
Co-Founder & CEO @ Okay
Rajiv Ayyangar
CEO & Co-Founder @ Tandem
Manasi Vartak
Founder and CEO @ Verta.AI
Steve Deasy
VP of Engineering @ Atlassian
Dan Pupius
Co-Founder & CEO @ Range Labs
Heather Rivers
CTO @ Mode Analytics
Tim Correia
SVP Engineering @ Zillow
Jocelyn Goldfein
Managing Director @ Zetta Venture Partners; Former Engineering Director @ Facebook
John Vrionis
Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Unusual Ventures
Chris Lambert
CTO @ Lyft
Sarah Guo
General Partner @ Greylock Partners
Donald Sumbry
Head of Reliability Engineering @ Airbnb
Allen Cheung
VP of Engineering & Product @ Mystery.org
Naveen Gavini
SVP, Products @ Pinterest

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