Featured Speakers

Reid Hoffman
Greylock Partners
Max Levchin
Founder and CEO
Sarah Clatterbuck
Director of Engineering, YouTube
Deb Liu
VP of Marketplace
Alyssa Henry
Head of Seller
Aditya Agarwal
Former CTO

All Speakers

Patrick Gallagher
Director of Programs and Events @ ELC
Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO @ Zoom
Ryan Servatius
Partner @ Sweat Equity Ventures
Raylene Yung
CEO @ U.S. Digital Response
Alex Allain
Former Director of Engineering @ Dropbox
Scott Woody
CTO @ Metronome
Stefanie Chow
Director of Operations @ ELC
Marty Cagan
Partner @ Silicon Valley Product Group
Aline Lerner
Founder and CEO @ interviewing.io
Usman Muzaffar
Head of Engineering @ Cloudflare
Ashish Raina
Founder @ Optimize Talent
David Wohlreich
Director of Total Rewards & HR Operations @ Niantic
Tami Rosen
Chief People Officer & HR Thought Leader
Andrew Lau
CEO @ Jellyfish
Kira Booth
Engineering Manager @ Plaid
James Birchler
VP of Engineering @ Caffeine
Melody Hildebrandt
EVP Engineering & CISO @ Fox
Alexis Rask
Executive Coach, Partner @ Sweat Equity Ventures
James Smith
CEO and Co-Founder @ Bugsnag
Kristian Lindwall
Director of Engineering, Data & Insights @ Spotify
Han Yuan
Former SVP Engineering @ Upwork
Laura Thomson
VP Of Engineering, Platform @ Fastly
Daniel Dargham
President and CEO @ Lohika
Jerry Krikheli
VP of Engineering @ Houzz
Farhan Thawar
VP of Engineering @ Shopify
Scott Shumaker
CTO and Head of Engineering, Yammer @ Microsoft
Jerry Li
Founder @ ELC
James Barrese
Former CTO @ PayPal
Shrijeet Mukherjee
Co-Founder @ Stealth Startup
Belinda Runkle
Engineering Director @ Google
Michael White
Head of Engineering, Caviar @ DoorDash
Gokul Rajaram
Caviar Lead @ DoorDash
Jean Hsu
VP of Engineering @ Range
Sabry Tozin
VP of Engineering @ LinkedIn
Aditya Agarwal
Former CTO @ Dropbox
Osman (Ozzie) Osman
Co-founder @ Monarch Money
David Thacker
Partner @ Greylock
Heidi Waterhouse
Developer Advocate @ LaunchDarkly
Leigh Newsome
Partner & CTO Coach @ Hoola Hoop
Fiona Tan
Global Head of Customer and Supplier Technology @ Wayfair
Deborah Singer
Chief Marketing Officer @ Girls Who Code
Tim Tully
SVP & CTO @ Splunk
Mark Goldberg
Partner @ Index Ventures
Viraj Mody
Technical Advisor to the CEO @ Convoy
Ahmed Datoo
Co-Founder and COO @ Mesmer
Sanjeev Sharma
SVP, Head of Platform and Automation Engineering @ Truist
Parag Agrawal
CTO @ Twitter
Melissa Binde
VP of Engineering, Platform and Observability @ Splunk
Prachi Gupta
VP of Engineering @ Discord
Namrata Ganatra
CTO @ Lambda School
Andrew Fong
VP of Infrastructure @ Dropbox
Pete Nichols
Head of Core Product Engineering @ Pinterest
Christina Wick
VP of Engineering @ Harry's
Aston Motes
Interim Executive Director @ /dev/color
Anthony Kline
Former Head of Executive Recruiting @ Stripe
Megan Zengerle
Partner @ Sweat Equity Partners
David Silverman
Former Navy SEALs officer
Yonas Beshawred
Founder & CEO @ StackShare
Will Larson
Chief Technology Officer @ Calm
Judy Priest
Distinguished Engineer @ Microsoft
Ras Kasa Williams
Staff Engineer @ Mailchimp
Polina Giralt
Staff Engineer @ Squarespace
Rick Boone
Formerly Senior Engineer + Strategic Advisor to VP Infrastructure Engineering @ Uber
Jocelyn Goldfein
Managing Director @ Zetta Venture Partners
Jessica McKellar
Founder and CTO @ Pilot
Donald Sumbry
Head of Reliability Engineering @ Airbnb
Adam D’Angelo
Founder & CEO @ Quora
Jyoti Bansal
Co-Founder @ Harness, Traceable, Unusual Ventures
John Vrionis
Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Unusual Ventures
Michael Montano
VP Engineering @ Twitter
Preeti Kaur
VP of Engineering @ Carta
Pooja Brown
VP of Engineering @ Stitch Fix
Blaga Lund
VP of Engineering @ Kustomer
Mike Bryzek
Co-founder, Chairman, CTO @ Flow
Akhil Gupta
VP & GM of Enterprise @ Dropbox
Wendy Shepperd
GVP, Engineering @ New Relic
Richard Wong
SVP of Engineering @ Coursera
Selina Tobaccowala
Former President & CTO @ SurveyMonkey
David Hornik
General Partner @ August Capital
Jason Warner
CTO @ Github
Yu Liu
Director @ Facebook AI
Daniel Portillo
Managing Partner @ Sweat Equity Ventures
John Lilly
Venture Partner @ Greylock Partners
Nick Caldwell
VP of Engineering @ Twitter
Tia Caldwell
Director of Engineering @ Slack
Jeremy King
SVP of Engineering @ Pinterest
Cathy Polinsky
Former CTO @ Stitch Fix
Bill Coughran
Former SVP Engineering @ Google
David Singleton
CTO @ Stripe
Ritu Bhargava
SVP Engineering @ Salesforce
Eisar Lipkovitz
Executive Vice President, Engineering @ Lyft
Quentin Clark
Managing Director @ General Catalyst
Anna Patterson
Former VP of Engineering @ Google
Adrien Treuille
Co-Founder & CEO @ Streamlit
Elad Gil
Entrepreneur and Investor
Nina Achadjian
Partner @ Index Ventures
Marianna Tessel
CTO @ Intuit
Aileen Lee
Founder and Managing Partner @ Cowboy Ventures
Mohak Shroff
SVP Engineering @ LinkedIn
Claire Lew
CEO @ Know Your Team
Sri Viswanath
CTO @ Atlassian
Steve Deasy
Head of Cloud Engineering @ Atlassian
Li Fan
Former SVP Engineering @ Pinterest
Paula Judge
VP, Talent @ Accel
Chrystal Henke Ball
VP of Engineering @ Pandora
Asif Makhani
Former Director @ Google, LinkedIn, Amazon
Wade Chambers
CTO & SVP of Engineering @ Grand Rounds
Allan Leinwand
SVP Engineering @ Slack
Ashton Kutcher
Actor & Investor
Ryan Petersen
Founder and CEO @ Flexport
Jean-Denis Greze
Head of Engineering @ Plaid
James Everingham
VP of Engineering, Novi @ Facebook
Gabriella DeFlorio
CEO & Co-Founder @ Prelay
Bruno Faviero
Product Manager @ Palantir
Bela Labovitch
VP of Engineering @ athenaHealth
Aparna Pappu
VP, Engineering, G Suite @ Google
Lee Edwards
Partner @ Root Ventures
Sanaz Tavakkol (Moderator)
Principal Software Engineer @ LimeSpot
Cristina Scheau
Director Of Engineering, Perception @ Cruise
James Tyack
Engineering Manager @ Coursera
Wambui Kinya
VP, Partner Engineering @ Andela
Vishal Kapur
Former Co-Founder & CTO @ Screenhero
Vinay Hiremath
Co-Founder & CTO @ Loom
Dave Camp
SVP @ Firefox at Mozilla
Tomas Barreto
Co-Founder & CTO @ Okay
Antoine Boulanger
Co-Founder & CEO @ Okay
Doug Gaff
VP of Engineering @ Zapier
Emma Tang
Engineering Manager @ Stripe
Michael Greer
Director of Engineering @ Discord
Spencer Greene
Former SVP Engineering & Product @ Ticketfly
Brina Lee
Founder & CEO @ Hamul
Joe Dunn
Executive Coach, ex VP of Engineering
Wiktor Macura
Head of Engineering @ Citizen
Nick Rockwell
CTO @ The New York Times
Bala Pitchandi
VP of Engineering @ VTS
Arjun Anand
VP of Engineering @ BeenVerified.com
Cynthia Tee
VP Technology, Commerce @ Nordstrom
Anthony Skinner
CTO & Head of Product @ iSpot.TV
Prajakta Joshi
Engineering Leader @ Airbnb
Madhu Dutta
Director of Engineering @ Convoy
Tim Prouty
VP of Engineering @ Convoy
Jason Risch
Investor @ Greylock Partners
Mike Duboe
Investor @ Greylock Partners
Ya Xu
Head of Data Science @ LinkedIn
Darian Shimy
Engineering Lead @ Square
Chanda Dharap
VP of Engineering @ Gigster
Jason Hann
Partner @ Riviera Partners
Anand Madhavan
VP of Engineering @ Narvar
Russell Smith
CTO & Co-founder @ Rainforest QA
Saam Motamedi
General Partner @ Greylock Partners
Michelle Xue
Director Of Engineering @ Checkr
Jonathan Perichon
Co-founder and CTO @ Checkr
Pedro Pinto
Engineering Manager @ Checkr
Jan Chong
Sr. Director of Engineering @ Twitter
Stephane Fourdrinier
VP of Engineering @ InVision
Rajiv Ayyangar
CEO & Co-Founder @ Tandem
Amber Feng
Head of Financial Infrastructure @ Stripe
Prashant Pandey
Head of Engineering @ Asana
Joann Chuang Anderson
VP of Engineering @ Scoop Technologies
Benjamin Liebald
Head Of Engineering @ Branch.co
Musaab At-Taras
Director Payments Platform Engineering @ Airbnb
Vijaya Kaza
Chief Security Officer, Head of Trust Eng & Data Science @ Airbnb
Shadi Rostami
SVP of engineering @ Amplitude
Lily Chang
VP, Strategic Transformation Office @ VMware
Madhura Dudhgaonkar
Senior Director, Machine Learning @ Workday
Anantha Kancherla
VP Engineering, Software @ Level 5, Autonomous Vehicle Program @ Lyft
Thomas Finsterbusch
Partner @ Gradient Ventures
Manasi Vartak
Founder and CEO @ Verta.AI
Craig Martell
Head of Machine Intelligence @ Dropbox
Erica Lockheimer
VP of Engineering, LinkedIn Learning @ LinkedIn
Cathy Polinsky
CTO @ Stitch Fix
Yanbing Li
SVP & GM, Storage and Availability BU @ VMware
Martin Casado
General Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz
Sonal Chokshi
Editor in Chief @ Andreessen Horowitz
Edward Kim
Co-founder & CTO @ Gusto
Cosmin Nicolaescu
VP of Engineering @ Brex
Rahul Iyer
Head of Engineering, Stripe Terminal @ Stripe
Preeti Kaur
VP of Software Engineering @ Carta
Geddes Munson
Sr. Director of Partner Engineering @ Affirm
Maura Church
Head of Data Science @ Patreon
Carrie Northover
Director, Research Services @ 23andMe
Annie Cheng
Director Of Engineering @ Waymo
Reid Hoffman
Partner @ Greylock Partners
Sarah Guo
General Partner @ Greylock Partners
Fred Kofman
Advisor, Leadership Development @ Google
Keith Adams
Chief Architect @ Slack
Ron Lichty
Author of Managing the Unmanagable
Surabhi Gupta
VP of Product Engineering @ Robinhood
Christian McCarrick
VP of Engineering @ Auth0
Xavier Amatriain
Cofounder/CTO @ Curai
Maria Latushkin
SVP Engineering @ Omada Health
Sam Wholley
Partner @ Riviera
Karthik Rau
Founder and CEO @ SignalFx
Holly Rose Faith
Talent Partner @ Greylock Partners
Bret Reckard
VP Human Capital @ Sequoia Capital
Evan Kaplan
CEO @ InfluxData
Heather Rivers
CTO @ Mode Analytics
Naveen Gavini
Head of Design & User Experience @ Pinterest
Paw Andersen
CTO @ Metromile

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