Rick Boone

Rick Boone

Formerly Senior Engineer + Strategic Advisor to VP Infrastructure Engineering @ Uber

Rick Boone most recently worked at Uber for 5.5 years, where he spent 4 years as a Senior SRE + software engineer in Infrastructure, and 1.5 years as a strategic advisor to the VP of Infrastructure Engineering. Prior to Uber, he worked at Facebook for 3 years as a production engineer. He is currently taking time off from work to focus on gymnastics training, traveling (domestically, of course) and gaining a deeper understanding of how to broaden his impact on businesses + society via advising, i...

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Rick Boone'S TALKS

How to Influence Others as a Senior IC by Judy Priest, Will Larson, Ras Kasa Williams, Rick Boone, Polina Giralt

October 22, 2020

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