The Engineering Leadership Podcast · Episode 99

Scaling your leadership to 3x exec roles and transforming your values, systems & habits

with Vinay Hiremath, CTO @ Loom

Sep 13, 2022
We speak with Vinay Hiremath, Co-Founder & CTO @ Loom, about his experience balancing three high-level exec roles and living out his personal values at work while prioritizing his mental & physical health! Scaling up is never easy, but Vinay shares tips and systems that have worked for him, including utilizing timetables, building good habits despite emotions, and triply verifying decisions. We also cover the stigma surrounding paternity / parental leave in the tech industry, how knowing your values inspires better health, and journaling frameworks for identifying values & goals.
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Vinay Hiremath (@vhmth) is Co-Founder & CTO at Loom - Check out Vinay’s video bio on Loom here

"I'd lost a sense of direction because I just took on so much work. Direction became something that was like a luxury for me to think about which is an incredibly dangerous place to be as an executive and it's really easy to fall into it especially when there's a fire hose of work that's coming at you all the time.

And then I had like morphed my life around work versus around my health and I realized like the thing that had led me to have so much mental clarity before was my health. And so I started taking health incredibly seriously again.”

- Vinay Hiremath   

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  • Vinay’s experience taking on three exec roles at Loom (3:51)
  • Why creating a daily timetable is crucial for busy eng leaders (6:02)
  • The intersection between mental health & living by your values (9:14)
  • What Vinay’s personal values are & ways he identified them (10:35)
  • Incorporating the value of freedom within your eng org (11:35)
  • How your goals & competencies act as gatekeepers to your values (16:25)
  • Tips for building out your schedule to expand your working capacity (19:02)
  • The importance of understanding your systems (20:11)
  • As you scale your eng functions, set up delegation systems (21:49)
  • Why eng teams should utilize budgets & triple verification (25:48)
  • How triple verification works in people systems (27:07)
  • What the CEO role taught Vinay about leading engineering (31:40)
  • How Loom tackles the stigma surrounding parental leave (33:40)
  • Prioritize mental & physical health to live out your values (35:48)
  • Journaling frameworks to contemplate values (40:28)
  • Vinay’s process for building – and keeping – new habits (43:03)
  • Recognize your emotions & act despite them (47:07)
  • Rapid fire questions (48:28)
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