Building and Scaling Diverse and Inclusive Teams by Pooja Brown

We know that diverse teams matter. They build better, more innovative products, which in turn are better for the people using the products. But when teams are growing quickly, how we approach “culture” is a vital part of the puzzle. Pooja has worked in and led product engineering teams for over a decade, and will share her experiences, learnings and the impact of getting “culture” right.

about the speakers

Pooja Brown

Head of Engineering @ Stitch Fix

Pooja leads the platform engineering teams at Stitch Fix responsible for powering the core systems that deliver personalized fixes of apparel and accessories to men, women and kids. Prior to Stitchfix, Pooja led product engineering teams at Docusign building web, mobile and API solutions for their e-signature product. Having spent more than 15 years managing teams and software for Enterprise and Consumer companies, Pooja’s extensive experience and knowledge of building high performance teams is anchored in creating great culture. She is passionate about promoting diversity at all levels within the teams.


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