Giving People Permission To Be Opinionated by Sabry Tozin, Jean Hsu

Top-down development is on its way out. When people are aligned and have appropriate context to form opinions and work towards them, teams move and build more quickly. But how do you empower your team and source the best ideas from them? How do you shift people from a reactive state to a proactive one, where they are forming opinions and taking initiative?

In this fireside chat, Jean Hsu, VP of Engineering at Range, and Sabry Tozin, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, will discuss how to effectively get your team to form and share opinions at work.

about the speakers

Sabry Tozin

VP of Engineering @ LinkedIn

Sabry Tozin is the Vice President of Enterprise Productivity Engineering at LinkedIn. In this capacity, Sabry leads the organization that powers the productivity of LinkedIn employees through innovative, scalable, and secure information technology solutions. Before joining LinkedIn, Sabry held engineering leadership roles at Netflix, and IGN Entertainment. He’s a seasoned technology leader with over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley.


Jean Hsu

VP of Engineering @ Range

Jean Hsu is VP of Engineering @ Range. Previously, she was a co-founder of Co Leadership, a leadership development company for engineers and leaders in tech. She brings a decade of experience in engineering and management roles from Google, Pulse, and Medium. She's coached individual contributors, tech leads, managers, CTOs and VPs at companies that include Dropbox, Medium, Asana, Slack, Github, Stripe, IFTTT, and Lever.


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