Hiring During Hypergrowth by Alex Allain, Scott Woody, Raylene Yung, Ragini Holloway

In this panel discussion, engineering and recruiting leaders from Stripe, Facebook, Dropbox and Sequoia will talk about their experiences managing and maintaining quality hiring during hypergrowth—how to grow beyond your core networks, how to work with recruiting, how to hire faster through expanding to new geographies, and more.

about the speakers

Alex Allain

CTO and Co-Founder @ U.S. Digital Response

Alex recently left Dropbox after almost 8 years, where he led teams in product and infra engineering, and more recently efforts to incubate new product concepts. He was one of the early engineers on the Dropbox Business product line and later led efforts to streamline developer productivity. He also worked on numerous cross-engineering initiatives: ask him about scalable recruiting processes or building eng level frameworks! Alex is also the author of Jumping into C++ and created Cprogramming.com, which has helped over 100M people around the world learn C and C++. Alex was a contributing author on the Holloway Guide to Technical Recruiting and Hiring.


Scott Woody

CTO @ Metronome

I worked for many years at Dropbox where I helped develop several new interviews, interview hundreds of candidates, and design an overhaul to the way that we evaluate candidates. After Dropbox, I started a new company, Metronome, focused on building software to make billing easy for consumption-based businesses.


Raylene Yung

CEO @ U.S. Digital Response

Raylene Yung is the CEO of U.S. Digital Response, a nonpartisan effort that connects experienced, pro bono technology teams to governments and organizations responding to the COVID-19 crisis. She was previously a fellow with the Aspen Institute’s Tech Policy Hub and an engineering and product executive at Stripe and Facebook. She holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.


Ragini Holloway

Senior Vice President, People @ Affirm

Ragini Holloway is currently Senior Vice President of People at Affirm and is an advisor for PeopleTech Partners and tech startups, including Shift.org and Pinkaloo Technologies. Ragini helps high-growth startups scale recruitment and People processes, often from scratch. She took Credit Karma from 40 to just over 500, and has similar ambitious hiring goals now, already taking Affirm from 100 to nearly 1,000. Ragini advocates for collaborative hiring practices and facilitates organic and authentic work cultures where people come together and discover common goals. Ragini is heavily focused in building diverse teams and designing employee engagement programs that drive ongoing workplace satisfaction and high retention rates.


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