Keeping Up With the Caldwells: A Guide to Navigating Wild, Uncomfortable, and Downright Crazy Career Changes for Fun and Profit by Nick Caldwell, Tia Caldwell

Tia and Nick Caldwell share the tips and tricks of job switching in Silicon Valley. When to to stay, when to go. Evaluating culture. Inheriting salty teams. Mission versus money. And more! It's all covered in this excitedly candid 30 minute fireside chat + Q&A featuring two engineering management powerhouses. Leave Q&A in advance on twitter @nickcald @_Tiacaldwell

about the speakers

Nick Caldwell

VP of Engineering @ Twitter

Nick Caldwell is a VP of Engineering at Twitter responsible for all consumer-facing products. Previously he was Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Looker (acquired by Google) and VP of Engineering at Reddit. He also spent 13 years at Microsoft, culminating in a role as General Manager of the Power BI product family where he rapidly transformed the company's business intelligence suite. ​ Nick holds a degree in computer science and electrical engineering from MIT, an MBA from U.C. Berkeley Haas, and holds 10 patents related to natural language processing. Nick is a board member for /dev/color: a non-profit whose mission is to maximize the impact of Black software engineers, and founder of Color Code: a scholarship fund dedicated to future leaders of color in technology fields. Nick is a native of P.G. County Maryland, but is happy to call San Francisco home.


Tia Caldwell

Former Director of Engineering @ Slack

Tia leads the Monetization Team at Slack, a leading global collaboration hub that makes people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. Over the past 15 years, she has led and managed engineering teams at Netflix and Microsoft, covering a breadth of projects such as Xbox, Office 365 and Streaming Content Delivery. She serves as a facilitator in /dev/color and is the co-founder of Color Code, a scholarship fund dedicated to future leaders of color in tech. Tia studied computer science at Xavier University of Louisiana and spent her undergraduate years doing research for the Missile Defense Agency.


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