Keynote - Managing Creative Teams

What do managing creative teams and Quantum Mechanics have in common? More than you’d think. The principles of Quantum Mechanics make the unpredictable understandable, and many of them can be applied to help find solutions to your team’s seemingly unsolvable problems. Conventional management techniques invented during the industrial revolution dealt mostly with assembly line optimization, today's creative projects require different techniques. Join James Everingham as he explores Quantum Mechanic's principles as a management metaphor to achieve unimaginable results from unpredictable parts.

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James Everingham

Head of Engineering, Calibra @ Facebook

James is an engineering leader at Facebook. Previously, James was the Head of Engineering at Instagram. Throughout his 35-year career as a manager, entrepreneur and technology developer, James has led many world-class engineering teams. At Yahoo he was Vice President of Engineering for Yahoo media properties after the company acquired Luminate, an interactive image technology company which he founded. Other previous roles include CTO and founding team member of LiveOps, Senior Director of Engineering at Tellme (acquired by Microsoft) and Senior Director of Engineering at Netscape Communications where he was responsible for the flagship Netscape browser. Before joining Netscape, James held engineering and management positions at Oracle and Borland International.



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