Managing Remotely - How to Give Critical Feedback Effectively

about the speakers

Jonathan Raymond

Jonathan spent 20 years building careers in business development and personal growth before figuring out a way to bring them together. He advises CEOs and organizational leaders on how to create a people-first culture that drives results. Refound works with organizations going through dynamic change, from Fortune 100 companies like Panasonic and McKesson to tech startups. Jonathan loves being a dad to two girls, surfing, and yoga. He also has a surprisingly good jump shot.


Jerry Li

Founder @ Gradual

Jerry is passionate about connecting people and empower their career growth. He founded SFELC for this purpose. SFELC is a curated community of 4200+ engineering leaders across all levels in San Francisco and beyond, with a mission to connect the world's engineering leaders and help evolve how leadership is implemented in the tech industry. Prior to SFELC, he was a director engineering at Groupon, overseeing the entire payments engineering with distributed teams. Before Groupon, he was an engineer and later an engineering manager at Amazon.


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