Navigating Business And Employee Wellness In Times Of Uncertainty by Mohak Shroff

The way we work, lead and care for our employees has changed dramatically in recent months. Companies that optimized for densification of workplace are now contending with a remote workforce, culture and employee care have evolved to mean much more than perks, the tools we use to get the work done have changed and the way we lead has as well.

In this talk, LinkedIn's Mohak Shroff will discuss the impacts this has on the way we work, how leaders can move the business forward while ensuring employee wellness takes top priority and the importance of self-care to ensuring we're preventing our own burnout as we navigate through it all.

about the speakers

Mohak Shroff

SVP Engineering @ LinkedIn

Mohak Shroff is head of engineering at LinkedIn. He leads the engineering teams responsible for building, scaling and protecting LinkedIn. In his eleven years at LinkedIn, he has played several key roles from head of product engineering to working with the infrastructure and monetization teams to leading Project Inversion. Prior to joining LinkedIn in 2008, Mohak served as key technical leader on the Ariba Supplier Network (Ariba SN) engineering team where he led various application and infrastructure development efforts across the company’s vertical technology stack. Mohak holds a BS in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin.


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