Preparing for Investor and M&A Technical Due Diligence by Leigh Newsome

It’s common for engineering leaders, in organizations of any stage, to receive technical due diligence requests on behalf of an investor or for M&A purposes. In some organizations, this process leads to panic, poor results, and last minute scrambling in an attempt to accentuate an organization’s product processes, IP, technological resilience, team competencies, and more. This chat will focus on what engineering leaders need to consider in order to prepare for successful investor and M&A technical due diligence. Leigh will also share key excerpts of his firm’s engineering due diligence playbook to give leaders tools and a framework to use towards success.

about the speakers

Leigh Newsome

Partner & CTO Coach @ Hoola Hoop

Leigh Newsome is a Partner & CTO Coach at Hoola Hoop, an executive coaching and advisory firm. He coaches engineering leaders from early through late stage organizations. He is a CTO with 20+ years of experience in startup and public companies and has worked and consulted for a wide range of industry giants including Avid, Digidesign, WPP, Kantar/Millward Brown, Apple, and more. In 2013, as CEO, he successfully led TargetSpot (investors: Union Square Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and CBS) through acquisition to Radionomy Group (Vivendi). He is also an Adjunct Professor of graduate courses at New York University.


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