Scaling an Engineering Org with Values and Principles by Andrew Fong, Namrata Ganatra

At Dropbox, our infrastructure team uses a belief, purpose, and values system to scale efficiently and make effective decisions. In this session, Vice President of Infrastructure at Dropbox, Andrew Fong, will discuss how to identify, operationalize, and reinforce values within an organization to empower team members and retain talent. Andrew will also discuss challenges and solutions to managing a values-based team.

about the speakers

Andrew Fong

VP of Infrastructure @ Dropbox

Andrew is an Engineering Director in Infrastructure at Dropbox. Over the last 4 years at Dropbox he has lead the Site Reliability Engineering organization as well as software engineering efforts around telemetry/monitoring and storage. Prior to Dropbox he was an SRE at YouTube and AOL.


Namrata Ganatra

CTO @ Lambda School

Namrata is Chief Technology Officer at Lambda School. She holds a Bachelors's in computer science and information technology from the University of Mumbai, and attended programs at Harvard Business School online and Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Namrata previously led the engineering and product teams at Coinbase, PayPal, Facebook, and Microsoft, among others. She regularly speaks on women in tech, diversity, and talent, as well as cryptocurrency and the changing tech industry. She is a technology advisor to early-stage startups in the Bay Area. She is also the founder of Ashia Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to educate and empower women of all ages, races, and religions. You can find her on Twitter @namrataganatra.


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