Scaling An Engineering Team Through Hyper-Growth

It’s hard enough to build a great engineering team, but it’s even harder when you have to do it in a hyper-growth environment. Naveen Gavini has been a critical part in building and leading the Pinterest Engineering team from its earliest days. Hear about the lessons he’s learned in building and scaling the team

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Naveen Gavini

Head of Design & User Experience @ Pinterest

Naveen Gavini is the Head of Product Engineering at Pinterest, where he oversees the engineering efforts across all of Pinterest’s consumer products. As one of Pinterest’s earliest engineers, he guided the team through their transition to mobile, building their first mobile app and transitioning the usage from 20 to 80% mobile in just one year. Since then, he’s helped scale the company, pioneering a completely product-focused engineering team. Prior to Pinterest, Naveen was an engineer at Yahoo! where he worked on a number of their consumer applications. An entrepreneur at heart, Naveen advises and invests in startups in his spare time. Naveen has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University.



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