Technology Decisions At Scale Using ADRs & Tech Radars by Yonas Beshawred

Making decisions about which open source & SaaS solutions to use isn’t easy. Historically, every company has had its own process for making these decisions, some companies even document them. Now, large companies are converging on a standard process for making technology decisions and recording them. Recently GitHub, Spotify, and eBay have written about Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) and why they’ve valuable, while organizations like the CNCF have created their own Technology Radar to help technical teams streamline the assessment of new technologies. We’ll unpack ADRs, technology radars, and how they can be useful for large teams.

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Yonas Beshawred

Founder & CEO @ StackShare

Yonas is Founder & CEO of StackShare, the world's first technology decision collaboration platform for software developers. Over 500,000 developers use StackShare to make technology decisions today- by seeing what other companies like them are using, browsing tool comparisons, and connecting with other developers via public discussions. For teams of software developers, StackShare provides a SaaS product that helps you automatically track, monitor, and collaborate on tech stack decisions being made across your engineering teams. StackShare integrates with your Git repositories to automatically map out your tech stacks, keep up with changes, and help your developers easily document stack decisions as they make them. StackShare believes that understanding and discussing technology decisions being made inside and outside of your company, should be just as easy as accessing code that developers write. Yonas started StackShare in 2014 as a side project that he launched on Hacker News. Since then, he’s gone on to lead the company through multiple rounds of VC financing and grown StackShare to become a household name amongst developers all over the world. Yonas is Ethiopian-American, born and raised in Maryland, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and half of a masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction both from University of Maryland College Park. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 8 years.


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