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It’s easy to name the best CEOs and entrepreneurs, but far more difficult to know who the best engineering leaders are. The goal of this award is to recognize and celebrate the engineering leaders whose work in the trenches has made a meaningful difference to their teams and organizations.
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Tia Caldwell
Director of Engineering @ Slack
Shrijeet Mukherjee
Founder & Engineering Leader
Sabry Tozin
VP Engineering @ LinkedIn
We want to hear your story!

Which engineering leader you worked with has made the biggest impact on your career? We'd love to know what inspired you and how it has affected your career.

Please share your story to help us find the best, but often unrecognized, engineering leaders.

ELC is accepting nominations through November 20 @ 11:59 PM PST. The winners of the Inspiring Leadership Award will be announced at the ELC Summit 2020.
The 2019 award
award 2019

relive the award

award 2019


The nominees’ name, title, and company were edited out in the nominator interview videos for the committee to review. We did that to minimize bias. Watch the interview videos to see why our winners got nominated.
award 2019

other nominees

Stories behind the scenes: Nominators shared with us why they nominated their inspiring leaders.
Nominated by
Lee Ivy
Release Manager - Arxan Technologies
Nominated by
Emma tang
Engineering Manager - Stripe
Nominated by
Manveer Chawla
Engineering Manager - Confluent
Nominated by
Radhesh Gupta
Engineering Manager - SurveyMonkey
Nominated by
Alfonso Chartier
Engineering Manager - Lyft
Nominated by
Suhas Deshpande
Senior Software Engineer - Mode Analytics
Nominated by
Joshua Ehrlich
Engineering Manager - WePay
award 2019


Nominations submitted by members of the community will be reviewed by the Inspiring Leadership Award selection committee, comprised of a diverse pool of experienced engineering leaders.
The selection process has 6 steps:
1, First, we narrow down the nominations to a smaller group with relatively strong stories.
2, A recorded interview is conducted to learn more about the nominee's leadership story.
3, We edit out names, titles, and companies of the nominators and nominees from the interview videos before sending them to our voting committee to minimize bias.
4, Our committee reviews the interview videos to determine their top 3 choices among all the nominees.
5, We collect results from each committee member and identify award winners with the most votes.
6, The winners of the award are announced during a special ceremony at the Summit.
award 2019

voting committees

Nick Caldwell
Chief Product Officer @ Looker
Lily Chang
Vice President, Strategic Transformation, JV @ VMware
Cyrus Fakour
General Manager @ Hatched Labs
Surabhi Gupta
Director of Engineering @ Airbnb
Annie Cheng
Director of Engineering @ Waymo
Vidal Graupera
Engineering Manager @ LinkedIn
Joanne Pons
VP of Engineering @ MyVest
Milena Talavera
Director of Engineering @ Slack
Or Weizman
Engineering Manager @ Uber
Sridhar Ramakrishnan
Engineering Manager @ Slack
Kalpana Jogi
Director of Engineering @ Lyft
Sonali Varde
Engineering Manager @ LinkedIn
Kevin Rohrbaugh
Engineering Manager @ Lyft
Tejas Kotecha
Senior Engineering Manager @ Twilio
YaWen Hsu
Engineering Manager @ Patreon
Joe Gross
Director of Engineering, Quantum Cloud @ Rigetti Computing
Aruna Goli
VP of Software Engineering @ Aera Technology
Sendil Thangavelu
Former Senior Director of Engineering @ Solar Mosaic
Jerry Li
Founder @ ELC
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