Curated solutions for what engineering leaders need

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Team Productivity
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A Reimagined Sponsor Experience
Our sponsor experience stands out from other virtual conferences
Intentional & Solution Driven
We position our sponsors as a well-curated catalog of solutions for common challenges engineering leaders face. It’s not just a list of companies.
Networking Focused
Our custom-built virtual conference platform creates opportunities for sponsors and attendees to connect meaningfully via virtual booths, video calls, messaging, channels, and more.
A Solution Catalog For Engineering Teams
Discover & Compare Solutions Through Face-To-Face Conversations
Live Video Chat Room
Walk Into A Booth And Start Chatting
Multiple Ways To Engage Attendees
Deliver Highlight Videos, Live Demos, and Swag
Speed Networking
Match With Attendees & Have Unlimited Short 1:1 Video Calls
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Copyright © 2020 ELC. All Rights Reserved.