a broad range of topics

Having difficult conversations
Firing and managing out
Providing constructive feedbacks
Time management
Reading people and room
Managing managers
Influencing others
Recruiting talents
Effective 1:1s
Master meetings
Managing remote teams
Many more to come ...
Leading without being an expert
Scaling with your role
Operating under high pressure
Career planning & management
Turning around a team/org
Taking over new teams
Cross team collaboration
Dealing with uncertainty
Navigating career transitions
Handling & leveraging reorgs
Managing technical debt
Many more to come ...
Buying vs building
Co-located vs distributed
Delegation vs control
Innovation: bottom-up vs top-down
Decision making: centralized vs distributed
Org design: flat vs hierarchical
Open source vs proprietary
Hiring contractor vs full-time employees
Many more to come ...
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Copyright © 2020 SFELC. All Rights Reserved.