Move fast, break (fewer) things
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM, October 22 (PDT)


The top priority for any startups is to find their product-market fit through rapid iterations of their products. “Move fast, and break things” becomes the de-facto motto and reality for many. After years of hard work, your product finally attracted millions of loyal users, including many paying customers. Your users developed high expectations, and trust on your product. At the same time, technical debts and “breaking things” gradually shifts from a convenient aspect you chose to ignore, to become major concerns raised by your users, customers, and even many of your teammates. In this session, the speaker will share Coursera's journey on quality as they scaled, and how they took a head-on approach to overhaul its technology, dev process, and culture to drive quality focus with their hundreds of engineers. You will hear what worked, what did not, valuable lessons they learned. This session is for audiences who are interested in driving quality focus for their company, as well as those who are interested in sharing their own stories.


Richard Wong
SVP of Engineering @ Coursera
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