Hiring in a Competitive Market - the role of leaders in the closing process



The ability to identify and hire top talent is as difficult as ever. Leaders that invest time to build a more inclusive, consistent and efficient closing process and scale it throughout the organization tip the scales in their favor. How do you build the right tools, culture and platform to do this within your own organization and how do you know if it's working? Join Anthony Kline and Megan Zengerle as they talk about approaches they've used at Stripe, Creative Live, AppDirect, and many other companies across their portfolio.


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Anthony Kline
Former Head of Executive Recruiting @ Stripe

Anthony is the former Head of Executive Recruiting at Stripe. Previously, he was Head of Global Recruitment at AppDirect and early member of the team at Riviera Partners. Anthony has over a decade building the core engineering and leadership teams of successful early-stage, venture-backed startups. He recently left Stripe to join the founding team of Sweat Equity Ventures, a new model of venture-capital firm backed by Reid Hoffman.

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