How Balance is Critical in Your Teams and in Your Life
4:20 PM - 4:40 PM, October 29 (PDT)


Technology teams can often be likened to a basketball or soccer team, and the strategies needed have surprising similarities. One characteristic that stands out is balance. Just like a team that is all attack and no defence will eventually run aground, you have to balance your teams in every way possible. What is required however is a philosophy around which you build your team and balance it such that the goals of the collective can be met.

But there is more. The need to balance applies to you the leaders as well. If you are too immersed or paying too much attention to the details, you may miss the big picture and vice versa.

In this chat Shrijeet will talk about his personal strategies for navigating these questions and more.


Shrijeet Mukherjee
Co-Founder @ Stealth Startup
Jerry Li
Founder @ ELC
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