The Race to Win Top Compensation and Rewards
12:50 PM - 1:20 PM, November 05 (PST)


As an engineering leader today, the war for talent understates the bigger challenges you face. The landscape is littered with new competitors who are fighting for the same talent you are trying to acquire and keep. While your mission and culture may have been enough to win, now compensation and rewards are becoming an inordinate challenge and stress in many cases. Figuring out how to acquire talent you need in a reasonable timeframe without alienating or losing your existing talent is a daily worry. There is no one right answer, especially as a company scales. Ashish Raina will lead a conversation with a few engineering leaders to uncover strategies that work and pitfalls to avoid as you build the rewards pillar in your engineering culture. Among other topics, we will discuss how to overcome challenges when others can pay more, how to communicate your rewards and how to build a framework for career development and mobility through levels.


Usman Muzaffar
Head of Engineering @ Cloudflare
David Wohlreich
Director of Total Rewards & HR Operations @ Niantic
Ashish Raina
Founder @ Optimize Talent
Tami Rosen
Chief People Officer & HR Thought Leader
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