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Making the Jump from Engineer to Entrepreneur
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM, October 22 (PDT)


Prior to starting AppDynamics and leading it through a journey that would result in a $3.7B acquisition by Cisco, Jyoti Bansal was an engineer at Wily Technology. In this session, Jyoti will discuss his transition from engineering to entrepreneurship with one of AppDynamics' first investors (and now Jyoti's co-founder at Unusual Ventures), John Vrionis. The conversation will explore when he knew it was time to make the leap, the challenges he faced as a first time entrepreneur, what he knows now that he wishes he knew then, and more. Jyoti will share the lessons and insights that are helping him build and scale his two latest companies—Harness and Traceable— as well as the guidance he gives first time founders in his role at Unusual Ventures.


Jyoti Bansal
Co-Founder @ Harness, Traceable, Unusual Ventures; Former Founder @ AppDynamics
John Vrionis
Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Unusual Ventures
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