Technical Recruiting: The One Thing You SHOULD Micromanage
1:40 PM - 2:00 PM, November 05 (PST)


Hiring is often touted as the biggest priority of an engineering leader, but in practice, both high-level strategy and day-to-day tactics are usually handled by the recruiting team. Is this the right approach? What do the numbers tell us?

In this talk, Aline will dig deep into hiring funnel data to quantify the opportunity cost of engineering leaders taking a backseat in hiring and outline the best way to maximize ROI on very limited time and resources -- as an engineering leader how do you best allocate these to maximize hires while minimizing interruptions, lost engineering time and productivity, and bad decisions? Should engineers actually do sourcing? How can just a few hours of involvement from engineering leadership drastically increase close rates? How do you build an actually productive relationship with your recruiting team where you each play to your strengths? Aline has been on all sides of the hiring table (engineer, engineering manager, head of talent) and will leverage both my experience and industry hiring funnel data to lay out exactly what role engineering leadership should play in recruiting and how engineering leadership can build the best hiring process for their org from day one.


Aline Lerner
Founder and CEO @
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