Engineering growth can surprise you
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM, October 15 (PDT)


Early companies often recruit a core team that builds an MVP product and finds that mythical “product / market fit”. Then growth and, if you're lucky, more growth sets in with a new set of challenges and surprises. How much time should everyone in the engineering organization spend on recruiting? Your original core developers built all of the key components but how do you hand it off to new people joining? Is there a role for managers or will you end up with a traditional military hierarchy? What about product management? What about technical debt? As organizations grow, how much time goes to communication and meetings? … Bill will speak from his experience as a founder, from Google, and with many of the Sequoia companies he's worked with.


Bill Coughran
Founder's Coach and Partner @ Sequoia Capital; Former SVP Engineering @ Google
David Singleton
CTO @ Stripe
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