Deploying Radically, Democratizing Release
1:40 PM - 2:00 PM, October 29 (PDT)


The state of software is driving to get software out the door more quickly, an ever-accelerating pace. We admire companies doing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, even if we aren’t there ourselves. What can you do as one person in an organization or one team in a company to make your software ready for the world more quickly?

This talk is for people who are frustrated at how hard it can be to change things sometimes, and ways that they can advocate for change and show it is safer than people assume.

This talk will cover these concepts:

  • Release vs. Deployment
  • Feature flags
  • CI/CD requirements
  • Ring deployment
  • Flags for all departments!


Heidi Waterhouse
Developer Advocate @ LaunchDarkly
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Copyright © 2020 ELC. All Rights Reserved.