Transparency: the Myth of the Under Promise, Over Delivery
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM, October 22 (PDT)


Many people have heard early in their careers that the secret to success and career growth is to "under promise and over deliver". In reality though, this can be a disaster for your team, your flexibility, and your credibility. The power of transparency will get far more out of your teams, budget, and cross functional relationships, and empower you to sidestep IT blackholes, and pivot quickly when life throws you challenges (like a global pandemic). It also more quickly develops trust and scales leaders in the process. In this fireside chat, Pinterest’s Head of Engineering, Jeremy King will share his experiences leading the largest and fastest growing organization at Pinterest, in addition to lessons from years running teams at Walmart, eBay and startups.


Jeremy King
SVP of Engineering @ Pinterest
Cathy Polinsky
Former CTO @ Stitch Fix
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