Building a culture of execution at scale



Your once small team has grown, but it doesn’t feel like it. Everything seems to be moving at a glacial pace. Deadlines are being missed, projects are running late, and quality has slipped. Managers say they need to hire more people, engineers are blaming tech debt, your superstars are burning out, and product and engineering are pointing fingers at each other. All you know is that you aren’t moving fast enough and opportunities are slipping you by. Don’t fret - your situation isn’t unique.

Drawing on his experience transforming multiple engineering organizations, Scott will distill the key techniques and lessons needed to transform your team into an execution powerhouse - one that ships quality software, drives innovation and hits commitments. Understand the key principles and skills you’ll need to imbue your leaders with, the rhythms and rituals of an effective engineering organization, and how to set goals your team can achieve. With a focus on OKRs and intentional culture, the lessons here are directly applicable to managers of managers and above.


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Scott Shumaker
CTO @ Yammer

Scott has spent the last 18+ years building consumer tech products at scale. His career has spanned hands-on, founder, and engineering leadership roles.

Scott is currently CTO at Yammer, originally a category-defining startup but now a business unit within Office365 at Microsoft.

Prior to Yammer, Scott was the first VP of Engineering at Credit Karma, where he helped lead the company through hypergrowth and scale from 100 to 500+ engineers in just over 3 years.

Previously, Scott held a variety of leadership roles including: tech lead and manager of multiple teams at Google (G+ iOS, Hangouts iOS, Google Photos mobile, YouTube Gaming and more), serial startup cofounder, and AAA game development lead in the PS2/PS3 console era.

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